Welcome to the website for the descendants and friends of Peter Fink from Kiedrich in Germany and Elizabeth Wash from Colchester in Essex in England.

With good fortune, and careful husbandry the site will grow and gather momentum thus enabling all descendants of Peter & Elizabeth to come together and share in the history of this amazing duo.

To make on-line comments (for the first time only) contributors will need register (complete your particulars in the User Registration in the side-bar menu). For security reasons comments will not be released for public view until they have been reviewed and released by site administrators.

Good luck!

Alan A Hart

Grandson of George Henry and Great grandson of Peter and Elizabeth
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15 Responses to Welcome!

  1. admin admin says:

    By hook and by crook, I’ll be first in this book!

  2. Harfin says:

    And I’ll be number two!

  3. shazzyf says:

    And I’ll be 2nd!!! Thanks for all your hard work Alan..xxx

  4. shazzyf says:

    I should add that I am a great grand daughter to Mary Ann Rebecca Fink. xx

  5. fitzypee says:

    By hook and by crook I’m the second in the book

  6. George FS says:

    With a bit of luck I will second.
    G.F NZ

  7. admin admin says:

    A temporary glitch as regards the photo albums on the day the site was released; all fixed now!

  8. admin admin says:

    Welcome Alison!
    Trust you and Roy had a brilliant time in Oz.

  9. alib says:

    Thank you Alan. New site is great. Rustic wallpaper – looks like an old Kiwi home. You have been busy and it is much appreciated.
    I see that Shazz and Barbara are here. How are you both?


  10. Eileen Davies says:

    Many thanks, Alan for this wonderful site. Nice to know I’m the first descendent from Australia to contact the Fink Family site although there are probably a lot more ‘down under’. I’ve tried to trace Helen Marion Moss who came here in 1926 but to no avail, I couldn’t find any matches for her or Frederick Joseph Angel whom she married. I made reference to a Jo Angel, Aussie cricketer in the 1990’s, in an email to you today, but he is the only person of that name I could find. I’ll keep trying anyway.
    Regards, Eileen

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