How to use the Blog

  • To contribute to the blog or make comments on webpages, you need to be registered as a contributer (user)
  • Follow the instruction on the homepage describing how to register
  • When registeration is complete, you will receive your log-in name and password via email
  • To log-in, go to Log-in Page
  • If you see a comment box prefaced by Logged in as *****. Log out? click the Log Out link and refresh the page
  • Enter your user/login name and the password that you have been given in the relevant places on the sign in screen
  • You will then go to what is called your website “Dashboard”
  • From there you can add (or see/edit) posts and comments
  • You can also change your password, but PLEASE ensure it is at least 10 characters long and includes upper and lower case letters as well as numbers as well as other characters like ! or % or _
  • Please ensure you click the logout link at the bottom of the page, immediately below the line “Leave a Reply”
  • Any problems drop Admin an email to adminatwwwdotfinkdotorgdotuk  (replace the text in red with the appropriate @  .)


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