From ShirleyB aka HoneyPot re July 2015 newsletter

From ShirleyB

Hello everyone, I’m Shirley.

We were over in the U.K. in in September 2002. Visited Whitstable  found great grandad’s Bakery which is now a coffee shop.  We have photos of all this before the bakery became a coffee shop. Gave a good photo of the old bakery to the historic society in Witstable  they were really pleased to get it as they had no idea of it’s history.

I would love to come over again and have morning tea in great grandads old building— my husband is not so keen —he isn’t into this history stuff. Anyway if I remember or find anything , I’ll get in touch and if any of you wish to visit N.Z. your most welcome to stay with us—we have a small farm 1-2 hours north of Wellington.

Please keep in touch and if I find anything else historic will let you know.

Regards  Shirley


From Admin

Shirley – would love to see any photos particularly ones that are different to those in the site photo album


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