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  1. I was so glad to see your website for Fink ancesters to find one another. Dorothea Fink was my great grandmother (x2). She was born June 10, 1831 in Pflatz, Germany (according to her obituary). She emigrated alone to America in 1852 aboard the New Yorker. Her destination was Illinois, but she made it to Sandusky, Ohio where she met my great grandfather (x2), John George Besier. They married in 1853 and subsequently had 8 children. They relocated north to Monroe, Michigan in about 1856 where she resided with her family until her death in February 1907. Could this be a relation to your Fink family of Germany?


    1. Many thanks for your comment on the Fink and Wash Family website.
      Our records of our German ancestors are based on a hand-drawn family tree by Anton Fink (b.1894) that was prepared in the early 1960’s. Anton was the last person of our German line to carry the surname ‘Fink’. Anton’s tree shows no one named Dorothea Fink, and only one person with the same given name (Dorothea). That Dorothea, maiden name Kempenich, was the wife of Valentin Fink (1789 to 1874), and lived all her life in Germany.
      That is not to say that your great great grandmother is or is not a relative of our Fink family, merely that we are unable to identify her on the records that we have.
      I also tried to identify the birthplace that you gave on a modern German map, to no avail. There is a Pfalz however, but that is some 400 kms from Kiedrich / Frankfurt am Main area where most of our Fink ancestors seemed to be centred.
      Fink is the German name of the small garden bird, that we in England know as a finch, and the use of Fink is not uncommon as German family name.
      I am sorry I cannot be of any more help in your quest for information about your ancestor, but it’s possible that another site contributor may be able to throw some light on the subject.

      Site Admin

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