Children of Peter and Elizabeth

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  • Charles George Fink Born 4th quarter 1857 in Colchester, Essex
  • Margaretta Fink Born 2nd Quarter 1859. Died 21st September 1859 from Whooping Cough
  • Valentine James Fink Born 3rd quarter 1860 in Colchester, Essex
  • Peter Thomas Fink Born 1st quarter 1862 in Colchester, Essex
  • George Henry Fink Born 1st quarter 1864 in Lewisham, Surrey.
  • William Fink Born 10th December 1865 in Rotherhithe.
  • Mary Ann Rebecca Fink Born 9th April 1868 in Camberwell, Surrey
  • Frederick Ernest Fink Born 1st quarter 1870 at Camberwell, Surrey.
  • Frank Fink Born 20th October 1871 at 3 Alfred Terrace, Rotherhithe New Road, Old Kent Road, Camberwell. Died 1st October 1872 of atrophy (probably failure to thrive) at 7 Naylor Road, Peckham, Camberwell.
  • Frank Albert Fink (later known as Hector) Born 27th October 1873 at Camberwell Workhouse, , Surrey.
  • Margaretha Theresa Fink Born 3rd quarter 1876 at Islington.
  • John Walter Fink – Born 2nd quarter 1878 at Islington. Drowned in the Rhine in Germany around 5th July 1

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