Peter T. Fink

Peter Thomas Fink was, it appears, better known as Thomas Fink, and that is the name that he is found under at the time of the 1901 census living at 78 Cornwall Road, Tottenham.

The names listed on the census entry are:

Thomas, head, age 39, Journeyman Baker, born Essex, Colchester
Jane, wife, age 38, born Cornwall, Hayle
Albert, son, age 15, Bakers Apprentice, born Queensland
Gladys. daughter, age 12, born New South Wales
Muriel, daughter. age 9, born New South Wales
Conway, son, age 2, born Tottenham
Vida F., daughter, age 5 months, born Tottenham
Peter Thomas was a master baker by trade. He married an Eliza Jane Williams in 4th Quarter 1884 in Eastbourne. There are several birth entries for an Eliza Jane Williams in areas of Cornwall near Hayle on the FreeBMD that could refer. Eliza Jane was known as Jane.

We know that Peter Thomas and Eliza Jane went to Australia in 1885, where they started their family. Jane was pregnant with their first son Albert when they arrived in Australia. Two daughters, Gladys and Muriel, were also born in Australia, yet it is clear from the census that by 1898 they had returned to England. We do not know the date or reasons for their inevitably costly and arduous return.

No details of their first son Albert are known. He does not appear on a family photograph taken around 1915, and Thomas and Jane made no mention of him to their son Conway’s family. Perhaps he returned to Australia, or died young.

Gladys married Stanley Lee, and had a son. We do not know if the son had family.

Muriel married Albert Hardy, and had a son, also Albert, who had no children, and unfortunately died in his fifties some years back. Muriel’s husband Albert also died quite young. She continued to live in Walthamstow until her death.

Conway, born 1899, married Winifred Toop in Wembley on 6th October 1928. He worked for James Logie Baird as a pioneer in the field of television. Conway was gassed in the trenches during WW1 and apparently as a result of weak lungs, contracted TB. This went into remission, but because he was such a workaholic, it returned, causing his premature death in 1931, just after the birth of his only child.

BMD information suggests that Vida Florence, born 1900, was the twin of Edward Fink, who died within weeks of his birth. It seems Vida died as a toddler too, her death registered in early 1903.

Thomas and Jane retired to Jane’s native Cornwall.

Thomas died in 1941 and was buried 9th January 1941 at Phillack (near Hayle) in Cornwall. Eliza Jane died 14 years later and was buried in the same plot as her husband on 29th April 1955.

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