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Robert lives in Colchester & knew the younger George Wash at the St.Botolphs St. shop. It is still there but has had a variety of uses.

The following three photos are of (Wash?) family in earls Colne but without any firm idea as to who they all are.

Five Wash brothers

5 brothers earls colne

The following group of lads was taken at Earls Colne Grammer school


A.R.Wash brother Tom E.C


The three old boys are at the back of High St. & some are Wash.

earls colneTrio




Gamekeeper – old Tom. 

He, Robert believes is buried in the church yard but his son Philip is in the Methodist church yard.


old Tom memorial card   Old Tom’s memorial card

old Tom wash about1865  Old Tom wash about1865 with two lads.

The one on the left looks rather familiar (Ed.)


Wash letter frinton Tom

tom 2nd essex vlnt letter tom 2nd essex vlnt letter (1)


Pictures of Old Tom’s gun show it was an early 19thC. flint lock converted to percussion but left handed.

The story was that Tom had taken the gun from poachers.

toms gun 2

toms gun

Wash letter

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